T-ara's Hyomin and baseball player Kang Jung Ho deny dating each other

Earlier today, T-ara's Hyomin and Pittsburgh Pirates player Kang Jung Ho reportedly dating each other.

According to the exclusive report by Ilgan Sports, Hyomin and Kang Jung Ho have been dating for three months. The two knew each other through an acquaintance, and got close to each other after Kang Jung Ho asked her to throw the ceremony pitch at a game in the U.S in September last year.

During her stay in the U.S after the pitch, the two were said to start developing feelings towards each other, spending time touring and eating together. When Kang Jung Ho injured his knee and had to leave for the season, Hyomin showed her support by constantly texting and calling him through phones. They officially started dating in January this year.

However, both agencies denied the claims and said that their relationship is nothing more than