Nell leaves Woollim Entertainment after 10 years to set up independent label

Popular indie rock band Nell will part ways with Woollim Entertainment after 10 years.

On March 22nd, Woollim Entertainment announced,"Nell and Woollim Entertainment have been together for 10 years. After a long discussion, we mutually decided to say farewell to each other for the future development of both sides".

The rep continued,"Although we are no longer in charged of the band's management, but we have promised to continue rooting for each other and maintaining our good relationship. Please continue to show your interest and support for Nell's activities in the future".

Nell also stated that they are happy to have created many beautiful memories as well as achieving much success with the agency.

In addition, it was revealed that Nell will setting up their own label called 'Space Bohemian' and is planning for a new album release in the first half of this year.