CJ E&M reveals to have acquired Jay Park's hip hop label AOMG

CJ E&M has officially acquired AOMG.

AOMG was established in 2013 with Jay Park and Simon D as the co-CEOs. Gray, Loco, Eco, DJ Pumkin, DJ Wegun, Hoody, Ugly Duck are the artists under the label.

A rep from CJ E&M said that they will do their best to grow AOMG' artist and music both domestically and internationally. In order to become the trendiest label in the music industry, they will provide their infrastructure and know-how of the music market as well as help expand and develope the label using diverse business opportunities.

AOMG also announced that they will continue to produce music and operate independently, but with CJ E&M's distribution and marketing, AOMG plans to bring their music to a global level.