'The Fact' mistakenly headlines APink Chorong as 'Oh Hayoung'

One of the well-established Korean news websites apparently makes a mistake of identifying an APink member with another member.

Apparently, The Fact makes a headline featuring APink's Naeun and Chorong photos attending tonight's "Korea Best Dresser 2015 Swan Award". However, the headline is read as "Apink Son Naeun-Oh Hayoung, "How's their black skirts?"

When it could have been considered as an honest mistake, two hours have already passed when fans and netizens started commenting that Oh Hayoung should be corrected as Park Chorong. It appears like the journalist is not aware or not attending the request. 

Netizens comment under the article, "Who are you looking at? She's indeed Park Chorong.","You recognize Park Chorong's face right?" "She's not Oh Hayoung, but Park Chorong. Please write their names properly."

Meanwhile, "The Fact" is known as one of the sources of celebrities dating scandals so it's quite puzzling that the journalist wasn't able to identify APink members. "The Fact" is not living up to its name.

Source: The Fact