Goodbye Daehan, Minguk, and Mansae!

The day which "Superman Returns" viewers fear to come will soon arrive. It's time to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to Song Ilguk and his adorable triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Mansae.

After so many considerations, Song Il Gook has decided to finally bid farewell to "Superman Returns" along with his much loved triplets; Daehan, Minguk and Mansae.

Multiple broadcast officials tell TV Report today, "Superman Returns' Song Ilguk and this triplets are departing the show. The last shooting has already completed." Since July last year on their first appearance, the much loved triplets have received enormous popularity because of their adorable individual charms.

Not only the kids but Song Ilguk as a father also captures viewers with his sincere and warm relationship with his sons. Though there were already talks about the forthcoming departure due to the drama schedules of the actor, certain conditions were considered to at least prolong their appearance.

However, since it would be very difficult adjust the hectic schedule and taking care of the kids during broadcast, it has been decided that the beloved family are withdrawing from the show. It's going to be a very sad farewell but let's cheer on them. Meanwhile, the last episode of Song Ilguk with the triplets is  expected to air in January next year.


UPDATE: Latest news report that new cast including the families of Jung Sia - Baek Do Bin and Eugene - Ki Tae Young are being considered and meeting is progressing. If decided, we can expect to meet them early next year.

Moreover, regarding the departure of Song Ilgook and the triplets, the PD states, "It's groundless report. They still have more episodes to film"

(But let's expect the worst and take note that if there are new cast coming, somebody is leaving.)