Eric wants iKON to avoid using Shinhwa's official color

Shinhwa's leader Eric has addressed that issue surrounding the official color they have been using and their hoobaes iKON.

Through Shinhwa's official Twitter account, Eric wrote an indirect message generally addressed to hoobae but majority claims it is directed to iKON, since his tweet about the orange color is so timely after YG releases iKON's lightstick which is called "KONBAT".

"Dear Juniors, orange has been Shinhwa Changjo's color since our debut in 1998. Please refrain from using this if possible. See you next year at promotions. From Shinwa's Eric."

After his tweet, fans from both groups discuss the matter. iKON fans claim that the group's official color is not Orange but of a different shade while Shinhwa's Changjos argue that the color when lit up looks the same.

Fans are currently engage in a brawling defending their groups over the matter of official color.