Did Suzy recreate Lee Young Ae's ethereal hanbok pictorial?

Miss A Suzy is getting compliments for her recent and first ever hanbok pictorial for December's issue of 1st Look.

In the photos, she looks so graceful and delicate wearing the beautiful and colorful hanbok. However, netizens are reminded of actress Lee Young Ae's Marie Claire pictorial shot in January. Lee Younf Ae is hailed as the ethereal beauty who looks so perfectly in hanbok.

Surprisingly, when photos of Suzy and Lee Young Ae's pictorials are compared, they share similarities especially on how the hanbok is presented and their poses. Nonetheless, most netizens seem to not mind and comment, "They are equally suited to present the beauty of hanbok.","Lee Young Ae's is the queen but Suzy can be the princess.","They both look ethereal in hanbok.","The concept is really the same but how else can you present the model's beauty and the elegance of hanbok?"

They have a point. See photos of Suzy's recent pictorial and Lee Young Ae's below: