Did EXO really spoil Star Wars fanmeeting?

John Boyega, the actor who plays Finn at Star Wars: The Force Awakens tweeted few hours ago about his comment on the hardcore fans of EXO, implying that he doesn't want to meddle with them.

The tweet has shed light on what happened at the Star Wars fanmeeting yesterday, which was attended by Star Wars' actors and director as well as EXO. Netizens are now expressing their disappointment.

Apparently, Star Wars fans are present at the event wearing costumes and holding their lightsabers excitedly engaging with with each other while waiting for the the actors and director to appear. At around 7PM, the cast and director appeared hyping up the atmosphere. After calming the fans, the host engaged fans and the cast for a question and answer session regarding the film. After roughly 30 minutes, the host suddenly said that he was entertaining the last question confusing fans for the short session. Right after, the host suddenly asked the cast and director, "Do you know EXO?"

It seemed like the host tried to integrate EXO's song "Lightsaber". Unfortunately, the Star Wars cast and director were't oriented and puzzled with the abrupt question and at that time EXO members Chanyeol, Suho and Sehun appeared handing their presents (Love Me Right albums) and had a brief chat.

The host told the cast upon the appearance of EXO, "I was talking about them" and actors Daisy and John expressed confusion by the sudden flashing of the cameras. By the progress of events, seems like the cast and the director weren't expecting the appearance of EXO. In relation to John's recent tweet, fans and netizens comment that John is being sarcastic by implying that he doesn't want to get involve with EXO because of the group's fans.

Netizens also point out that the sudden appearance of EXO was not necessary as the event was dedicated to Star Wars fans and EXO spoiled the event for getting media attention which was supposed to be for the cast, director and fans. In response to this, the event officials express that John Boyega's tweet is misinterpreted in fact the actors enjoyed the fanmeet and left Seoul satisfied. Moreover, it was also a fun time seeing the surprised actors towards the popularity of EXO and it was disappointing that it was taken negatively.

Lastly, the Star Wars cast, director, fans and EXO had all great time together at the fanmeet and definitely not an upsetting situation.