[Commentary] BTS manager is now fired, isn't unfair?

Author's note: Statements given below are my personal opinion. No harm intended just free expression.

Now I'm back with another commentary regarding the issue of the Bangtan Boys' manager captured on the camera trying to hit member Jungkook. Since majority has been BTS-sidedly discussing the issue, let me lay down my thoughts from the manager's side. Fans are in rage after a short clip extracted from '2016 BTS Season Greeting DVD making video' circulated among fans showing a manager raising his arm as if he's going to spank Jungkook.

The issue has escalated so quickly after Armies and netizens indict the manager of being abusive and aggressive. Fans have thrown foul and hateful comments towards the manager and it's understandable taking it from the caring and protective fan's perspective. But what I'm trying to suggest here is to look the matter from the manager's side.

No one can tell what really happened between the manager and Jungkook more importantly the reason what triggered him to do that. Ever consider that he's just disciplining him? To think that he even halted his action and realized that it's not proper, is it also unacceptable? It's irrational to assume that he just boiled upon seeing Jungkook's face (what?) thus we can come to another more logical assumption that Jungkook might have done something too. However, the manager doesn't have fans to defend him and because of Armies rage, the manager admitted his faulty action but please note that an important part of the story is still in question. He didn't reveal the reason (to the public), and if he did, do you think Armies will take it? Or maybe, it depends as long as it won't do harm to Jungkook.

Now let's consider the aftermath. Alright, Armies and netizens applause Big Hit for apologizing and hearing fans' sentiments that the manager be fired. Indeed he now is. He's no longer BTS manager and his position in the company is still being discussed. No more harm for BTS members but how about the manager? Ah! It's just that he might be given new responsibility but of course not getting paid as much as being BTS manager. Do you think he's going to be promoted? NO! but getting demoted instead. So what now? It's just that he is now notorious as "that daannng stupid aggressive abusive manager who tried to hit our Jungkook!!" and now he couldn't support his family as much as before and they can't do anything about it. "It's his fault anyway!" Yes. But is he really the only one at fault? I have nothing against Jungkook or BTS (they're really a fun and talented group I swear!) but the quick action of firing him without deliberation and profound explanation is just unfair. I think the decision is eventually made in response to the outrage of fans and netizens.

Anyway, there are also other grounds for reconsideration. Is he a long-time manager of the boys? Do they have smooth relationship? Is this the first time the manager has acted like this or showing aggressiveness to any members?

When we care for people, it doesn't mean we tolerate their bad doings. Remember that there's always two sides of the story but making decision considering only one side is prejudiced and discriminatory and I'm talking about their status as idol vs manager.

NOTE: This commentary is not written against BTS (I'm so fond of BTS I swear) but for the purpose of giving platform to a more dynamic discussion involving BOTH parties.