[Breaking] Actress Kang Doo Ri died from an alleged suicide not car accident

We are shocked by the sudden passing of a budding young actress Kang Doo Ri who appeared on the last episodes of "Sassy Go Go".

However, contrary to initial reports that her sudden death was due to a fatal car accident, new progressive reports after police investigation reveals that Kang Doo Ri committed suicide instead.

According to YTN, around 4PM (KST) of December 14, police received a report that the dead body of Kang Doori was found at their home. There was no traces of invasion that could lead to a murder case so it was reported as a suicide. Moreover, the police also stated that Kang Doori sent a message to a friend implying her plan to commit suicide thus the investigation is still ongoing.

The new report apparently dismisses the initial news that Kang Doo Ri died in a car accident and the grounds of this statement is still unknown. Let's pray for the soul of beautiful Kang Doo Ri. May she rest in peace.