Netizens are falling in love with 'Reply 1988' Junghwan's tsundere role

As much as "Reply 1988" getting so much positive feedbacks ever since its solid first few episodes, netizens are also loving each character especially actor Ryu Joon Yeol's tsundere character.

In the latest episodes, Duksun's (Hyeri) cold neighbor Junghwan is starting to show warm affection towards her. Series of fortunate misfortunes unfolds his gradual interest towards Duksun who is clumsy and outgoing. In particular scene, Duksun and Junghwan are happened to be stuck in a narrow alley leaving them no choice but stay close together putting Junghwan in an awkward situation. He also appears so gentleman inside a bus protecting Duksun from slipping over.

Viewers have started to express their admiration to his character saying, "He's not a typical handsome guy but he's too charming!","My heart is fluttering everytime he has scenes with Hyeri.","He's bursting with charms, I love him!","I'm anticipating every episodes for Junghwan." an so on.

Watch some cuts below: