Kim Woo Bin's epic response about Shin Min Ah on Radio Star

Kim Woo Bin is the man! You just gotta love him even more!

On tonight's episode of Radio Star, one of the guests Hwang Mi Young recalls an incident that made her think Kim Woo Bin is such a kind person. She shares that during the 'Twenty' (film) party, there wasn't one person she knew among the guests but Kim Woo Bin was the first to approach and greet her. Since then, she has always regarded him as a very nice person.

The MCs then ask Hwang Mi Young to call Kim Woo Bin and ask his whereabouts at the moment. When Kim Woo Bin is on the phone, one of them directly says "Are you dating well?" referring to his relationship with Shin Min Ah.

The actor seems like not taken aback by the direct question but instead replies wittily, "Yes? I...I can't hear you well" and makes everyone laugh. That's so smooth Kim Woo Bin!