Kim Woo Bin treats his fans the best!

Netizens are envious towards Kim Woo Bin fans. Why not? when Kim Woo Bin treats his fans the best.

On his "SIEG" fansigning event today, Kim Woo Bin have met some fans and gave them the best treatment they deserved. Now only he signed, but he sincerely hold each fans' hands and even made eye contact with them while flashing his brightest smiles. Gestures that would definitely give you a heart attack.

Fans seemed to be very satisfied and overwhelmed and netizens who see the photos are praising how the actor is very kind to his fans although he's now in a public relationship with actress Shin Min Ah.

Netizens compliment him "Kim Woo Bin seems to be really a nice person the way he interacts with his fans","His very sincere. I see it in his actions.", "He must really love his fans" and so on.