Girl's Day Yura impresses with her high-quality oil painting!

Girl's Day fans have known that Yura is very artistic and can draw and sketch portraits skillfully however netizens are in awe after seeing her first finished oil-painting.

Yura shares her finished product on her instagram and revealed that it's her first oil painting. She painted a picturesque of a sunset reflected on a wonderful lake. The colors are blending so well that netizens are full of admiration towards her.

They flood her with compliments by commenting, "I know she's good in art but this is such a high-quality painting!","This is equal to a professional painter. She's so amazing.","With this quality, she can actually set up a studio and her works will sell well!","Pretty, talented and so artistic. Yura is so charming."

She's definitely on a different level of art major students among idols!