[Commentary] Why Chorong is mocked while Yugyeom is not? PlayforParis

Author's note: Statements given below are my personal opinion. No harm intended just my take on the matter.

Sympathy are overflowing on the aftermath of a tragic terror attacks in Paris occured on a Friday night.

The world is showing solidarity to offer their deepest condolences to the many who have lost their loved ones. On the following days of mourning, people all over the world trend #PrayforParis on social media including K-pop idols. However, how unfortunate it might seem, some people are on rage over a matter which can be simply swept aside.

Among idols who have posted graphics displaying sympathy for Paris while using the hashtag #PrayforParis, a member of APink is getting quite criticism for a mere misspelling. Instead of typing Pray for Paris, Chorong misspelled and wrote Play for Paris instead. Before she even realized the error and corrected it, netizens have already screen-captured and called her dumb to the point where Chorong had to issue an apology and calls herself stupid.

On the other hand, in defense of Chorong, fans also pointed out GOT7 Yugyeom's misspelling which is similar to Chorong's asking why only Chorong is getting such treatment when the two idols made the same error. Moreover, demanding Chorong to apologize for an innocent mistake while the other is not, is too unfair. Besides, they are not even accepting her apology and insist that she's just stupid.

Actually, on Korean portals like Nate, I tried to search for Yugyeom's and Chorong's articles, and there's not even a single article about Yugyeom's while Chorong's takes up several few pages.

Is there a way to fix this double standard against female and male idol? The prejudice of Korean netizens towards a female idol is unreasonable. Is this Play for Paris misspellings by Korean idols is just blown out of proportion? Then why only one is being mocked?

Can we just ignore those misspellings and see what's their intention? They are just like the many who display sympathy for the people mourning. That matters most right? I hope we can move on.

Yugyeom and Chorong misspellings (before being edited)