After School Lizzy alarms fans with super skinny legs

After School Lizzy attends today's VIP premiere for movie "The Priests" at CGV Wang Ship Ri Theater in Seoul.

During the photo wall, Lizzy brightly smiles for the cameras. She is looking fine in black leather dress covered with long sweater-coat. However, while she looks chic in her outfit, fans and netizens point out her super skinny legs.

Obviously, Lizzy's legs are looking bony for some reasons compared from her previous looks. Some claim that it's because of her successful diet which is also evident in her previous appearances but fans are alarmed that her skinny legs are getting thinner that it looks unhealthy now.

Fans and netizens echo their concerns as they comment, "This is way too skinny. Please be healthy.","Her drastic weight loss continues...","I hope she's fine.","She looks anorexic. Stay healthy!" and so on.

This is not the first time fans have been anxious of her drastic weight loss. Fancam below shows Lizzy in Orange Caramel's recent performance.