YG reveals the identity of the woman Seungri is spotted with in Taiwan

Chinese media firstly reported that they have spotted Seungri with several women partying at a club in Taiwan.

Although YG Entertainment responded that they were aware of Seungri's whereabouts that day they didn't answer the vital question 'Who is the woman he was photographed holding hands with' until today.

After a day news spread in Korean websites, YG Entertainment finally reveals the identity of the woman and why they didn't respond immediately. YG tells StarNews about the women he partied with at the club, "It was during an after-party and he (Seungri) was with his acquaintances."

They stated that after Big Bang's concert in Taiwan, Seungri was invited by some acquaintances for an after-party celebration and it's not of a big deal. Apparently, YG is implying that the woman Seungri was spotted holding hands with is a close acquaintance.