[TOP 6] Pretty male idols with silky, soft, long hair

You just killed me Jeonghan!

We absolutely agree when some girls say hair is the temple of their overall physical appearance that they take measures to keep their hair beautiful-looking and silky.

We have also boys saying they care less about their hair. So how about we show you some of Kpop male idols who are just gifted with long and silky hair? To top that, they even look so so much attractive!

Doesn't it frustrate you girls? 'Coz it does frustrate me! Hahahaha! (Peace!) See some photos of these pretty boy idols showing off their longer, soft and silky hair! Justice please! XD

Oh! We know how Heechul is obsessed with his hair! :)

Flip that hair mental Jungshin!

Look up a bit Teo! We miss you!

Uniq Yibo's blonde hair is so pleasing to my eyes!

You're too pretty Ren!

Here's a bonus!....

Gorg  and hot Yibo!