Seventeen Woozi praised for being a gentleman to Ailee; gets a meal treat!

Seventeen's Woozi is receiving praise for his gesture towards his sunbae Ailee at today's "Show Champion".

At the ending, Ailee is announced as no.1. However, due to her injury, she isn't able to move around. Fortunately, Pledis' rookie boy group Seventeen members are behind her to be of her assistance. Particularly, it is shown in broadcast that Ailee has been holding on to Seventeen's Woozi and when she gets her trophy, Woozi, being a true gentleman, makes sure to make her comfortable while she delivers her speech until she does her encore.

To this, Ailee doesn't forget to thank him and the group for their help and writes on her instagram update, "to my Seventeen friends who helped me at the ending really thank you, and love you! Our kind Seventeen friends please look to them beautifully! #have to treat Seventeen a meal #it would definitely cost much"

Netizens are also touched to see their hoobae-sunbae interactions and comment, "That's so nice! They are not even labelmates." "Seventeen kids are so kind and gentlemen!","Looking forward to Seventeen and Woozi!","Ailee is very nice to give them a shoutout.","I love it!" and so on.

It is known to fans that Ailee used to train with Woozi and S.coups before and that they are still friendly to each other. That's a heartwarming gesture! You can watch everything below:

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