Manse becomes 'Manderella', shows impressive acting!

In today's episode of "Superman Returns", Song Il Guk's adorable triplets challenged acting to show what they are capable of to their Dad.

Daehan, Minguk, and Manse performed a stage play of 'Cinderella' with Daehan as the prince charming, Minguk as the fairy godmother and Manse as Cinderella. Song Il Guk served as their audience.

Complete with costumes and feeded dialogues, the triplets did a good job and executed an impressive performance that made Song Il Guk very proud and laughing. However, during interview the actor revealed who among the three adorable little actors has the most potential.

He revealed that it's the maknae, Mansae who surprised him. He revealed that he didn't expect such acting from Mansae and emphasized the scene where Manse was being scolded by stepmother for not cleaning. He recalled that Mansae's acting was very consistent while holding the broomstick as if he's really sweeping. He added, "Manse can be an actor."

You can watch there mini play HERE