BTOB's Eunkwang wants to be reborn as Sungjae + maknae's touching message

BTOB's leader Eunkwang reveals an interesting desire to be reborn as Sungjae, if he has a chance to.

On today's episode of "Quiz to Change The World", there's a special segment about leader and maknae where Eunkwang talks how active Sungjae is nowadays. He praises his as he says, "Sungjae can do everything." He continues, "Sungjae's face is the type I like the best. If I were to be reborn, I want to be born as Sungjae."

He also reveals that they divide the income together and he must do well for Sungjae and Kim Gura wittily adds, "Of course. That's why you cleaned his room."

On the same episode, Sungjae also shows his affection towards Eunkwang through a video message. He says that being a leader is very tough and that Eunkwang is always putting much effort. He also confesses what he expects him to be and that is to be manlier. Sungjae notes that Eunkwang should be a leader who can say "no" to members and scold them if necessary with confidence implying that he is being too kind. To this, Eunkwang expresses that he is very touched.

Watch below: