Tao shows up late & interrupts an ongoing fashion show in London

Former EXO member Tao is being criticized for allegedly showing no manner on a recent fashion show he attended.

On September 20, Tao is invited as the only Asian celebrity to attend the Versace Fashion Show in London for its S/S 2016 collection. According to some reports, Tao came late in eye catching blue suit and suddenly walked along the runway in the middle of the show to get on his designated seat.

However, he is caught interrupting the models walking on the runway before he even takes his seat drawing criticisms among netizens for having 'no manner' and disturbing the other guests and the models. On the other hand, some also defended him saying that a staff guided Tao to his seat thus it's not his intention to catch attention at all.

You can watch Tao going to his seat around 5:08 and 5:13 of the video below: