Tablo & Mithra Jin praise Heechul's rap making; recommended for SMTM5!

WOW! Epik High's Tablo and Mithra laud Super Junior Heechul's skills in rap making.

On their instagram updates, Tablo himself even recommends Heechul for "Show Me The Money 5" after praising his rap making in one of Super Junior's newest tracks "You Got It".

Coming from a celebrated rapper, it must be true that Heechul has a knock for rap making as he wrote, "Kim Heechul's first rap making must come out in Show Me the Money 5." In addition to that, Mithra also complimented him "Heechul's 1st work. Great job in writing the rap part and recording it," even tagged him as "Rap Heechul".

They may be friends but Tablo and Mithra Jin would not praise him for that, wouldn't they? Try it out Heechul!

Below is a part of Heechul's rap he wrote:

Oh my beautiful eyes
Admit it, they’re like doll eyes
I don’t take sides, everyone is so busy hating
I came a long way with someone I respect, Soo Man Lee (1)
He told me that I have vision
It may seem like a surplus but it’s just blocked talk
There’s no way I’ll run out of work
I enjoy my life, it’s like a blossomed flower
I am my own god of the heavens and earth
That saying first with me like raisins and mocha bread
It’s fine as long as I don’t hurt others
I’m showing off because I really am well off
They say I live recklessly
Seriously? I’m not a chaebol, what did I buy?
They’re all criticizing my life, telling me what to do
But no thanks, whether I’m struggling or happy
I refuse
Like my pretty dongsengs
Intelligently and calmly (2)
Like Blo hyung
I’m looking for a happy day (3)
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