Seungho to possibly drop assault charges; only misunderstanding

MBLAQ fans are alarmed after the news of Seungho who got physically assaulted by his agency's president (A) is reported. He initially reported to the police that Mr. A hit him in the head with a glass but changed his statement during police questioning stating that he is slapped in the face.

However, after series of contacts and confirmations trying to reach J.Tune Camp for official statement, it is revealed that Mr. A is not a current employee and had left the agency two years ago.

Police also point out that Seungho was indeed hit by a glass after thorough investigation on both parties. In addition to that, they also relay that Seungho expressed he doesn't want any punishment thus further investigation might not be needed.

On latest statement from the agency, they say, "Seungho and Mr.A met up last night and had a catching up while drinking. Regardless of the reason, it's only a misunderstanding from both sides. In fact, Mr. A has already apologized after causing such news."

Read the initial news here.

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