'Roommate' family meet for a get-together!

It's very heartwarming that wonderful relationship can be formed among celebrities who have only met on a show and 'Roommate' family proves that their bonding is not only for broadcast.

Cast of season 2 have recently met for a get-together or perhaps to catch up with one another despite their individual schedules. god's JoonHyung firstly shared a groupie of their meeting and wrote,

"Yo~ Lastnight hangin out with the Roommate fam was a blast~!!! Next time make sure u guys can make it too Jackson, YoungJi, RyoHei, gookju KangJun and JongOk Nuna~ BBBAAAMMM~!!!" In the photo are Joon, Jo Seho, Lee Dongwook, After School's Nana, SNSD's Sunny, and Park Minwoo as well as the staff. It looks like they've had a few drinks and meals but everyone seems to be doing fine and look happy.

Let's hope for a complete 'Roommate' family next time!