[Photo] Cutie-pattotie at 30s; let's decide Dara's age!

Okay. I might making no sense here but what can I do? I see no 31-year old Dara especially today when photos of her at the airport departing for US to attend GIVENCHY event! are all over the place!

Not only she rocks that candy-colored hairstyle, but she appeared extra cute and adorable today! Was it because of her apple hair? her over-sized hoodie? or her contagious smile? No wonder, Korean journalists couldn't make up their mind on which photos to pick and what title to put up!

Just look how casual and comfortable her get-up is! She's looking so so much younger, isn't she?
(Why can't all of us be like you? )

So, forget that you know Dara! If you are to guess her age base from the photos below, how old do you think Dara is?