Mamamoo's Hwasa suffers a major wardrobe malfunction; Wheein to the rescue!

Netizens are applauding Mamamoo's Hwasa and Wheein for their professionalism and quick actions during their recent live performance at JTN Live Concert on September 13.

While performing their debut track "Mr. Ambiguous", Hwasa's halter blouse loosened but she was quick to hold the cloth together preventing it from wearing off her shoulder which could had been a major wardrobe malfunction.

Although, quite uncomfortable to go around the stage holding her top while holding the mic at the same time, Hwasa continued to sing while trying to signal fellow members to help her out.

On her second attempt, member Wheein noticed Hwasa's struggling and quickly found a chance to tie back her halter blouse during the part of their choreography where the four of them had to line up, giving a very ample time for Wheein to do so.

Fans applaud the girls' quick action and enthusiasm to continue performing without breaking their choreography and formation although it's absolutely alright to do so. Some are very touched on Wheein's quick rescue the moment she realized Hwasa was in trouble.

Watch below!

You can watch the whole performance below: