Kyuhyun & Yoon SoHee couple in 'Bongsun' first still cuts

Super Junior Kyuhyun is challenging acting in TV dramas after his skilled experience in musicals.

To hype up the excitement and anticipation, the first still cuts of Kyuhyun along with his heroine actress Yoon So Hee are released. The couple's first appearance is already amusing as we see Kyuhyun struggling to support the drunk SoHee while busy on his phone.

It appears like their first meeting is not as smooth as we expected which leads to even more curiosity on their loveline's progress. The first meeting is described as Kyuhyun getting frustrated with drunk Yoon SoHee who doesn't care about her condition leaving Kyuhyun no choice but to take care of her.

Their first shooting finished with a rigid acting scenes both Kyuhyun and SoHee flawlessly delivered. Meanwhile, UHD's new webdrama  "Bongsun, A Woman Who Dies When She Loves" plots the story of an IT genius programmer Kim Joo Sung (Kyuhyun) and cyborg flower girl Woo Bongsun (Yoon SoHee), whose power will be turned on if she falls in love. The 15-episode webdrama is expected to air early next year.