[Heartwarming] T-ara Jiyeon's brother underwent liver transplant as 'stranger' for their father

The extent of filial piety.

It is belatedly reported on 10th that T-ara Jiyeon's brother, model Park Hyo Joon had a liver transplant for their critically ill father in May.

The heartwarming news was initially published through military newspaper with the title "Parl Hyo Joon soldier". However, it is not known then that the soldier commended is indeed Jiyeon's brother.

According to reports, Park Hyo Joon, who is currently serving his military duties, had a successful liver transplant donating 70% of his liver to save his father's life. According to Hyo Joon's acquaintance, finding a suitable donor had been difficult for Jiyeon's family so when Hyo Joon's matched, he didn't think twice and received major surgery.

However, his father strongly objected considering the future career of his son but the latter insisted and still underwent surgery identifying himself as a "stranger donor". After the successful transplant, the father later found out that it's Hyo Joon.

Meanwhile, Park Hyo Joon resumed his military service and had recovered as well as his father.
We commend you for being such a courageous and kind son Park Hyo Joon! God bless you and your family!