G-Friend 'slippery video' gains over 2M views; rising back on charts!

Remember the viral Hani fancam? Oh well if Hani gets EXID back on charts with her sexy fancam, G-Friend seems to be on the same track, this time, with their professionalism.

On September 5, G-Friend impressed a lot of netizens with their professionalism after falling hard many times on the slippery and wet stage while dancing to their song "Me Gustas Tu".

However, the particular video, which is hard to watch, has now gained worldwide attention with American media sites, especially TIME, features an article commending the girls' determination with a catchy title "This Video of a K-Pop Singer Falling 8 Times in 1 Song Will Inspire You to Keep Going No Matter What".

At the moment, the video is over 2M views on Youtube and fans also notice that their song "Me Gustas Tu" is climbing back on charts particularly melOn (#12 as of 1PM KST)! (déjà vu!).


Source: TIME