[Featured Idol] Gotta love Mamamoo Moonbyul's conservative charms!

Mamamoo's Moonbyul is surprisingly conservative and reserved.

The rapper of super rookie girl group Mamamoo has a very adorable charisma. She's too conservative off-cam. Despite their sometimes skimpy stage outfits, she takes effort to cover her skin as much as possible making sure she is cautious enough.

Not only she does it to herself especially when she's wearing cropped tees and low cut necklines, (or even long sleeves -WHAT?) but she also takes care of her members' clothes. For instance, when Solar is wearing mini-skirt and sits, she makes sure she covers her legs. Even a simple movement that could expose a little skin, Moonbyul's reflex is to cover it.

With her petite body and very tiny waist to flaunt, Moonbyul chooses to cover them all and refuses to do sexy stunts (unless it's part of a performance). What a pure and amusing gal! Members are lucky to have taken care of by her. She's got the boyish charm yet her gestures are so feminine.