[Commentary] Lee Min Ho exemplifies appreciation

Fans are the life of an artist's career, without them fame and comfort of life are elusive.

Fans' humongous support is one of the best rewards an artist could ever have because it is a sign that his or her efforts, hard work and talents are being appreciated by people whom most he or she doesn't know.

It is just nice to see that there are artists who return their fans' support and love. I'm a fan also, not that rabid, but I know the feeling of happiness when my idol waves and smiles at me. That's euphoric. With what Lee Minho did for his fan as we can see on the photo above is touching on my part. It may be simple and easy for him to walk towards his fan, but it's huge for me as a fan per se because it is close to impossible just to be noticed by your idol. 

Lee Minho shows appreciation. He valued his fan's effort to be on the event despite of her physical limitations. Honestly, I don't want to focus on Lee Minho, and praise him for what he did. I see this as an opportunity for realization. 

Appreciate life and its blessings. Count and focus on what and who you have in your life. You may have what others are praying for---good health, wealth, happy family, good education, better half, nice-paying job, successful business, food to eat on your plate, dresses to wear, and as Rob Bell says, "That breath you just took... that's a gift."

Please do yourself a favor, think of one blessing you have right now, and be grateful for that. #appreciatelife #countblessings #lessencomplaining

SOURCE: Star News