[Breaking] MBLAQ's Seungho is assaulted by agency's director

This is a developing story...

News reports that the president of MBLAQ's agency, J.Tune Camp, (A) has assaulted MBLAQ's leader Seungho and is now under police investigation.

According to articles, A hit Seungho in the head with a glass while drinking together at a bar around 3:10AM today. Seungho called 112 and reported the incident saying that he was hit in the head and hurt his ear.

However, during police questioning, he stated that he got slapped once in the face. It is revealed that A hit Seungho for being arrogant towards him. Meanwhile, a representative from J.Tune Camp responds that they are looking into the matter and will talk to Seungho to know what really happened.

UPDATE: Seungho to possibly drop assault charges; only misunderstanding