Ailee spotted on a wheelchair upon arrival in Argentina

Weeks ago it was reported that Ailee suffered an injury on her foot and toe while filming her comeback music video and was diagnosed to rest at least a month. However, Ailee insisted to go with planned September 30 comeback schedule.

In fan-taken photos uploaded online today, Ailee is spotted using a wheelchair upon her arrival at Ezeiza International Airport in Argentina. She has a cast on her right leg. Despite that, she didn't miss to smile at fans who are waiting to welcome her and waved at them.

In regards to this, Ailee is staying in Argentina to perform for "Korean Music Festival 2015". We salute your passion. Hoping for your quick recovery Ailee!

A video posted by Laura Winnipeg (@laura_wt20) on

A video posted by Laura Winnipeg (@laura_wt20) on

Photo & Video credits: AnyWinnipeg on Twitter and laura_wt20 on Instagram