Yoo Seung Ho gives heartattack in new post-army look for High Cut

Actor Yoo Seung Ho has impressed everyone ever since he enlisted in the army from the height of his career until he was discharged earning netizens' respect and admiration.

Thus, it's not unreasonable that many are already anticipating every bits of his public appearance let alone his next acting projects. But before that, Yoo Seung Ho is here to give you a heart attack with his latest pictorial for 'High Cut'.

It appears like the military brought out every masculinity in him as he is oozing with explosive and sharp manly and sexy charms that could make everyone's hearts flutter. The photoshoot theme of 'after work-out' makes justice to his sweaty look baring his biceps and masculine body through workout clothes.

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho's first acting comeback would be through an upcoming drama "Joseon Magician" directed by Kim Dae-seung.