Tasty & Tao reunite in China; group photo released

Tasty, who have recently gotten into an argument against their agency Woollim Entertainment for allegedly breaching their contract uploaded a group photo along with Tao on their weibo account.

The duo captioned, "Tao's concert has ended!" and uploaded a selfie taken with Tao at the venue. It appears like the twins came to support their friend at his solo mini concert held yesterday.

Fans and netizens have mixed reactions towards their meeting. Some are touched and comment "Wow their friendship is still strong." "I'm glad that they keep in touch." "The twins are good friends of Tao in Korea." On the other hand, netizens sarcastically imply that Tasty are supporting Tao and preparing to sue Woollim as well as they haven't resolved their issue with their agency yet.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed today that Tao has officially left EXO and filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract with the same lawyer as Kris' and Luhan's.