Seo In Guk to cameo in the final episode of 'Oh My Ghostess'

Seo In Guk will make a special appearance in tvN's 'Oh My Ghostess'.

According to the officials on August 19th, Seo In Guk will cameo as a nice and handsome chef in the drama. Thanks to his special relationship with director Yoo Jae Won, who previous worked on 'High School King of Savvy' which was the drama that Seo In Guk starred last year, he was willing to spare some time for his guesting.

Mane people are looking forward to his appearance in the drama, especially for his encounter with the Sous chef stared by Kang Si Young, as he played as Seo In Guk's friend in 'High School King of Savvy'.

'Oh My Ghostess' will broadcast its two last episode this week on Friday and Saturday.