Model Kim Jinkyung gets offended being CL look-alike?

A video cut of model Kim Jinkyung from her appearance on "My Little Television" is shared on community site instiz and k-netizens are talking about her reaction upon hearing that she looks like 2NE1's CL.

When the man told her, "You're pretty." Kim Jinkyung humbly replied. "No." and shyly smiled but when he added, "They said you look like CL.." the model irritatedly dropped her pen and reacted, "Ah really! why are you like this.." but she quickly realized the complication and immediately covered her mouth and said, "No. I mean, I actually really like CL. But I really like her," and continued on what they were doing.

Netizens comment, "By the way she reacted, she really didn't like it.","Kim Jinkyung you're so funny." "She's so blunt." "But it's not the full video." "I would be happier if I look like CL." "Her reaction is so candid."

What do you think of her reaction?