Mina, N, & Hayoung selected as co-hosts of 'Weekly Idol'

T.N. Corrected from the first translated article which reported AOA's Jimin instead of Mina.

AOA Mina, APink Hayoung and VIXX N have been picked as the sub-MCs of 'Weekly Idol'.

The three of the trending idols of today are filling the vacancies APink Bomi and BTOB Ilhoon left and will host 'Weekly Idol' alongside MCs Hyungdon and Defconn. Mina, Hayoung and N are going to meet 'Weekly Idol' viewers starting on September 2 at 6pm.

Meanwhile, next week's "Weekly Idol" excites viewers especially Girls' Generation fans as the girls are appearing for the first time on the show.

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