INFINITE reveal countries & schedules for 'INFINITE EFFECT' world tour

INFINITE have revealed the first batch of the countries they are going to tour for their 2nd World Tour 'INFINITE EFFECT'.

The boys are kicking off their worldwide tour on September 5 at Taipei Arena in Taiwan, followed by Nanjing , China on 30th. Then, they are going to head in Europe with concert schedules in Poland on October 4, France on 7th, England on 9th and Germany on 11th.

Following that, Infinite will be back in China to hold concert in Beijing on 18th. Next stop would be in Thailand for two days, October 24 & 25 and in the Philippines on November 7. On November 13, the boys are in Singapore and are going to stop in Indonesia as well on 15th. Finally, Infinite are meeting their fans in Shanghai for their 3rd stop in China on November 21st.

Note that this is only the first batch of their tour dates so expect more countries to be added later on. Is your country included in the list?