Hyungsik confesses, 'Kwanghee has changed after joining IC'

ZE:A's Hyungsik and Kwanghee both guested on August 10 episode of SBS 'Healing Camp'. On this episode, Hyungsik revealed that Kwanghee has changed ever since he joined Infinity Challenge.

"I was about to have dinner with the drama team when I received a call (from Kwanghee). He asked what am I doing and I said I'm going to eat dinner. He told me "let's watch movie" but I said I have to go to dinner now."

He cracked everyone up when he revealed Kwanghee's response, "Hyungsik-ah I'm Hwang Kwanghee. Infinity Challenge's Hwang Kwanghee. Don't you watch TV?"

Kwanghee sitting beside him was having a mental breakdown and apologized amidst laughter on the set. What a witty way to invite Hyungsik for a movie.