[Commentary] Kiko's 'Hashima Island' photos; are Koreans being too harsh?

Author's note: Statements given below are my personal opinion. No harm intended just free expression.

They really got this hateful blood towards Kiko.

Kiko Mizuhara is once again the subject of Korean netizens hostility for her controversial Hashima Island photos.

Just recently, she has angered the netizens with her photo wearing a t-shirt with bold F*** written on it. However, netizens today are on rage as month-old photos of  Kiko taken at Hashima Island are published and comments calling her 'crazy', 'bitch', and other malicious statement like "don't ever go back to Korea" are pouring in.

Is Kiko really shameless or a victim of unfairly harsh treatment?
Let's ponder on this.

Why is it controversial? - Hashima Island or Battleship Island has recently included as UNESCO World Heritage site this July. For Koreans, the island bears painful sentiments as many of their fellows died in there and were forced laborers during Japanese' colonial rule.

What is Kiko doing in Hashima Island? - Actually, it's not only Kiko, but the rest of the cast of her starring film "Attack on Titan" were there. In fact, the island was used as one of the major filming locations for the said film and the cast and director held a film conference in early July.

Why is it brought up now? - The photos were not controversial until 'Infinity Challenge' aired its August 29th episode showing Yoo Jae Suk and Haha at the Island bowing and paying respects to the souls of Koreans who died in there.

I admit that Kiko is not innocent and has caused Korean netizens' disgust not only once but is that enough to be subjected to this reflexive loathing? She's not even swearing, making faces or posing indecently in the photos. She is one of the leading cast in the film and has just taken photo at their filming site like the rest.

In addition, majority despise Kiko for having Korean descent but during controversial issues like this, netizens tend remind her that they share ancestors. Really what? Where is Kiko going to situate herself?

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