[Breaking] SoReal's Ryu & singer Mina are dating; 17yrs age gap

SoReal member Ryu Philip (26) and singer Mina (43) are reported to be in a relationship and photos of their date have been published.

The news is revealed through Hallyu Star Report of K STAR stating that the two were spotted in the afternoon of August 12 having a date along the streets of Cheonggyecheon in Seoul. According to the article, the two had a very casual and simple date strolling around and chatting wearing black and white t-shirts and sneakers.

The couple gave a refreshing atmosphere despite their age gap showing affection only towards each other without being conscious of the surrounding . Moreover, it's also specified that Ryu and Mina didn't even try to cover themselves and were very carefree and candidly did some skinships like holding hands and more.

In response to this report, Mina's side has confirmed that the couple have been dating since June. However, it is also revealed today that Ryu Phillip has enlisted quietly in military on 13 last week.

They must have quite short time to spend with each other but let's wish them the best.