ZhouMi expresses his thoughts against antis

After having debuted for 7 years as Super Junior-M member, ZhouMi as well as Henry seem to be still getting hate from some Super Junior fans claiming that they aren't supposed to be added to the group.

In response to this, ZhouMi writes down his deep thoughts and heartfelt message for fans and antis and makes sure there's nothing to worry. He writes on his instagram,

"A letter for ELF: I am superjunior-M ZhouMi^^ not superjunior. For having debuted 7 years, there are still some who fear that I and Henry are joining SJ, antis are there for very long time. we just want to assure everyone that we are never going to replace any member. I am myself. we are SJM with 8 members. I love my members because they take care of me so don't worry please and support SJ continuously. I will continue to give my best as SJM ZhouMi or SOLO artist ZhouMi. For all these years, I've never regreted joining SJM because it's the most vital part of my life's journey. I'm very thankful of everyone either it's compliment or criticism. You create who I am today. I suddenly want to share my feelings to all of you. For such long time, there things less important now but we will work always work hard! Words that are needless to say... I am still the ZhouMi who is doing my best to reach my dream!^^ Fighting, I love you all! I love ELF too^^!"

Let's hope his clarification will ease everyone's worries. ZhouMi is very thoughtful and has been very supportive of Super Junior.