Tao's name removed from EXO-M's Facebook

It's becoming skeptical that Tao will be back promoting along EXO as yet another "hint" surfaced that he's no longer part of the group.

Fans and netizens have noticed that the official Facebook of EXO-M updated the band members' list and only includes three members Chen, Lay, and Xiu Min except in the "Bio" section wherein his name along Luhan still appear.

Regardless, fans have mixed reactions. Some expressed that Tao appeared in the VCR played during SMTown concert yesterday while others insist that the names listed are the active members and not necessarily means Tao has left. However, there are few who express that Tao is unlikely to return in EXO.

Until now, SM Entertainment hasn't release any information about Tao's official status in the group. What do you think?