SPICA's Jiwon involved in a minor car accident; agency updates on her condition

SPICA's Jiwon reported to have been involved in a minor car accident due to her dozing off while driving.

According to Seoul Gangnam Police Station on July 3rd, Jiwon's Chevrolet crashed into two taxis that were waiting for the red light in the line next to her, causing a three-vehical collision at around 11:30PM KST on July 2nd from the direction of Seongsu Bridge, Apgujeong to Seongsu-dong.

A total of four people including Jiwon involving in the accident revealed to have sustained minor injuries in their necks, arms and knees while the singer was said to have experienced a pain in her wrist. They were all quickly transfered to a hospital for treatments.

The police also confirmed that Jiwon didn't drive under the influence of alcohol after measuring her blood alcohol level.

B2M Entertainment later updated on Jiwon's condition,"Jiwon only sustained a minor crack in her finger. She has been discharged and is currently resting at home after getting a cast for her injury. Once she's recorvered, she will resume the practicing for SPICA's upcoming comeback this year".