Mad Clown announces July comeback with a mysterious partner

Mad Clown will be joining the July battle.

On July 7th, Starship X released a teaser image with a message,"WHO IS NEXT? #MadClown & ?" which shows Mad Clown blocking his ears with his hands, with a big 'WHO IS NEXT' text written in the image.

The agency said,"Mad Clown's featuring partner this time is a rapper, not a singer. They're ready to hit the Korea's hip hop scene with their chemistry. You can look forward to it".

Starship X Collaboration Project has come out with various hits such as Junggigo x Soyu's 'Some', Hyorin x Jooyoung's 'Erase', Soyu x Mad Clown's 'Stupid In Love'... so many people are very anticipating for the new collaborated song.

Who do you think will be Mad Clown's partner for July comeback?