Girl's Day and Koon apologize live on 'KoonTV'

Girl's Day have stirred attitude controversy on their July 7th appearance on internet live broadcast of Afreeca TV program hosted by Koon.

The controversy rooted from the girls' behavior towards the host which netizens claimed to be disrespectful. Following the issues, host Koon offered his apology and cleared up that it was a misunderstanding as the girls appear very candid for the broadcast.

However, netizens aren't convinced thus Girl's Day appeared on again on the same show today, July 10, to issue a public apology together with the host. The girls say, "We apologize for causing inconvenience and making the audience who want to watch a good program uncomfortable."

"In the future, we will work hard so that Girl's Day only show brighter image full of energy and will be careful on our broadcast appearance. Once again, (we) apologize." In addition to that, host Koon also points out his mistake and apologizes, "I too was very inattentive on what's going on during the broadcast." He continues that he should've monitored the comments of the viewers during the program so that he could adjust to the atmosphere.