EXO's Chanyeol revealed to compose a logo song for 'Lee Gook Joo's Young Street'

EXO's Chanyeol shows his potential as as a singer - songwriter.

On July 13th, it was revealed that Chanyeol personally composed, wrote and arranged a logo song for SBS Power FM's 'Lee Gook Joo's Young Street'.

Back in April when he guested on the radio together with member Kai and Chen, Chanyeol showed his interest in making a song that was played at the background on the radio. He said,"I have been practicing composing these days and I want to compose a logo song one day".

When Lee Gook Joo asked him to compose a song for 'Young Street', Chanyeol replied excitedly,"I will soon make one and gift it to you".

You can catch the song during the broadcast of 'Lee Gook Joo's Young Street' starting from July 15th.