AOA's Mina says she cried after being scolded by a fan at a fan signing

AOA's Mina shares her recent experience at a fan signing that made her cry.

AOA made their guest appearance on KBS Cool FM's 'Jo Woo Jong's Music Show' on July 6th, when they shared their thoughts on their first winning for 'Heart Attack' and also various other stories.

The members talked about how all the members cried when they won first place, then Mina said,"Everyone cried except me". But to her surprise, the other members said,"You were crying in the car", making everyone curious. She then said,"I cried at a fan signing after being scolded by a fan".

Previously during AOA's fan signing event on July 4th, Mina was said to have been scolded by a fans and there were photos of her with darken expression being shared on an online community board. According to a fan who was at the event, a fan told Mina,"How many years did you train? A singer should be good at singing. Take the time you take care of your appearance to practice your singing".

Do you think the fan was too harsh on her?